Scouting Scotland: Brittle Bones and Breath


The body can only take so much because it is composed of brittle bones. After hours of traveling, miles of walking, and exposure to many new sights and sounds, cells begin to cry out for pillows and blankets.

Honestly, at this point in my trip I am tired. It would be so lovely to just plant myself in a library or leisurely stroll through gardens all day, but there are classes and amazing races to be done. Part of me is very angry with the other tired part of me. How can I complain about being tired when I am in another country eating ice-cream and exploring castles? Well, I also have to remind myself that these brittle bones need grace. They are only human.

I also have life and cleansing blood in me. The kind that enriches my bones and makes them pliable. Bending in the ways the blood leads them to go. This blood that gives motion to limbs I cannot produce myself.

Back in the garden there was clay and there was God. He took his hands and molded the clay to the likings of himself, then breathed into it to give it life, to give the gray cheeks a peachy color. The breath is vital and sometimes we need more of it to be revitalized.

Physiologically when you take a deep breath it is refreshing to your body. Hmm, it is quite peculiar that the deep breath is so refreshing, I don’t think it is coincidence.

There are many gusts of wind in Scotland. I like to think that they are God gently blowing on my skin to refresh my soul.

Sometimes when we feel strong, God would like a breath back to Him as praise. In the secret place deeply breathe and show God the wonderful life He has made.

When I breathe in the oxygen fuels the marrow that gives my blood spirit. New, fresh blood enters my veins and with a lack of sleep I feel brand new. Only God’s lungs can do that.

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